vendredi 20 juillet 2012

Where is the rage?

I feel it so deeply inside of me, but I feel as though I am the only one. Where is the rage? Another mass killing in the USA. There was a shooting in Toronto last week, and I still remember so vividly in my mind the Polytechnique Massacre of 1989... Yet, there seems to be no rage out there.

People seem to be sorry, scared, chocked, but no rage...

I wish people would get out in the street, demonstrate, burn guns, mobilize... Ah! But no! Guns don't kill... people kill...

What is this fascination with guns? I don't get it. What I get is this culture of ours - Western culture in general - that glorifies guns and shooting. It is all over the movies and TV shows. The more Pow Pow, the better... Shows like CSI Miami, or films like Bruce Willis' Die Hard.

What I get, as a sociologist, is that most people are not affected by the violence on TV and elsewhere in society. But there is a small percentage of people that are psychologically weak, and these few integrate this violence and act upon it. And when they act, what carnage!

What do people need guns for anyways? To catch a thief? Please!... To protect themselves? Right! This false feeling of security is actually pretty dangerous. The data show that most of the guns used in crimes were actually stolen from homes during break-ins...

And then there is the pro-gun lobby. I wonder if they feel any rage too when they hear of such carnage, the lost of lives, or do they automatically get on the defensive so that their precious guns don't get taken away or worse, legislated out of their hands... Hey Charlton Heston, do you sleep at night? 

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